The biggest collection of movies and series

GoStream is a free streaming website which is world-wide known for publishing the biggest database of movies and series from the whole internet. This website has been created many years ago and probably many of you already know about it, but for those who don't we are here to present how good GoStream is and why it deserves your attention when you are looking for a site where you can watch all your favorite movies and series in HD quality without registration. GoStream's collection includes more than 10.000 movies, 2000 tv shows and 60.000 episodes, all of them available for free. It's important to mention the fact that all the productions dubbed in another language than English, now after the last update they benefit of English subtitles so everyone can watch and understand them.

How to watch for free without ads

We have recently updated the old design of GoStream with a new one, more friendly and intuitive because our users deserve to have the best experience while watching movies on this site. Due to our latest improvements, watching movies on GoStream is requiring only a click on the play button from the middle of the screen. There are no additional steps, just click play after you've found, of course, your favorite movies and tv shows using the search formular or our special pages. Because we are using the latest technology, the video players will load full within a few seconds so you don't have to wait because the movie will run without interruptions or buffering.

High quality and fast loading speed

We've always knew how important is to offer the best possible quality for your visitors and here at GoStream we have worked hard in the last months in order to update all our video files and replace them with FULL HD quality servers. Even though all the movies and watch series available on this site are provided by a non-affiliate third party and we don't have so much control over them, after many insistence we've convinced them to provide a better quality so our users can enjoy the shows even on their Tvs without being bothered by the low quality and we succeeded to improve it.